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Artist's Bio

Generally speaking, I'm one of the 6,692,030,277 humans currently living on the planet Earth. More specifically, I'm a banjo pickin', paint flinging, creative type who loves making something out of nothing. Some people look at a white piece of paper and see a white piece of paper. I look at a white piece of paper and see an exploding sun shooting shrapnels of ultra violet flower petals onto a barren landscape of dali-esque cactus people.


Artistically I'm at a crossroads. Floating in a nebulous space between realism, surrealism and expressionism. Lately I've been painting more realistic oils, but still keeping my mind open to a non-realist way of expressing myself. My increased interest in painting realism lately is a direct result of my renewed passion for photography. I've shot thousands of photos of the west in the last few years, and some photos beg to be transformed into paint.


I have a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Montana. In the summer of 2013 I was an artist in residence at the Taft-Nicholson Center for Environmental Humanities Education in the Centennial Valley, MT where I created a short film using time-lapse photography and original music on mandolin, fiddle, guitar and banjo. I was also a resident of the Artist-Forest-Community sponsored by the Holter Museum of Art and the US Forest Service. I have shown my work at many galleries around the state including the Myrna Loy Center and A.L. Swanson gallery in Helena, UC Gallery at the University of Montana and the Walking Man gallery in Whitefish. I currently teach art and ceramics at Helena High School and I play mandolin in Cottonwood Club, a gypsy jazz string quintet.


If you're interested in purchasing artwork or hosting an art show please email me at